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About us

Our company PRECIZA is a producer of very high quality fireproof material, which can be used as a single building component or as part of other products.

All our products are regulary tested in the certified by testing lab PAVUS. The products have the certificate according Czech law.

The company was found in 1990 and is a supplier of many companies in Czech republic and Slovak republic.

Our main products are:  fireproof slab TERMOSIL and fireproof foam tape PĚNOSIL PLUS. 

PRECIZA can also apply the fireproof technology to other manifacturers products.

The fireproof slab TERMOSIL is recommended to increase the resistance of various materials: it is used especially in fire dividers (eg. doors and gates) and inside fireproof walls.

PĚNOSIL PLUS is used for sealing of doors, windows, mains and also as sealing of interstice, where – in case of fire  – the foam get larger and prevent the spread of the fire.

Our fireproof materials are the result of long-term research and have a great quality. Which means not only a fireproof but also healt-safe.

Due to the high flexibility in manufacturing procedure we are able to satisfy specific demand of our clients.